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Prof Simon Hay


Professor of Epidemiology
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow


University of Oxford, UK

Simon investigates spatial and temporal aspects of malaria disease epidemiology to provide an improved evidence base for more rational implementation of disease control. Time-series analysis, population dynamic theory, remote sensing, geographical information systems and spatial analyses are all exploited for disease risk mapping and disease burden estimation. These techniques are being used to explore the range of factors that are likely to impact on malaria burden, as a result of global environmental change. This will enable the ever-changing baseline malaria burden to be estimated, against which intervention strategies can be more reliably evaluated. Simon manages the Malaria Atlas Project (MAP), an international collaboration working to improve the cartography of malaria, and is now undertaking similar work with other pathogens—dengue fever, in the first case—under the banner of the Spatial Ecology and Epidemiology Group (SEEG) at the University of Oxford.