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Prof Philip Bejon


MRC Clinical Scientist


KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya

Philip Bejon’s research focuses on developing reliable epidemiological, genetic and statistical approaches to identify hotspots of malaria transmission. This work includes epidemiological and genetic analyses to characterise transmission dynamics on fine spatial scales in order to inform targeted control strategies for maximum cost-effectiveness and impact. He also works on malaria vaccine trials, and has conducted trials of viral vectored prime-boost vaccines to induce T cells and on the GSK candidate, RTS,S.   

Philip combines field work, genotyping and spatially-explicit analytical work in Oxford and the KEMRI-Welcome programme in Kenya, and also collaborates with sites in other parts of Africa to test the generalizability of his findings.  

Philip spent a year at the CGGH in Oxford to develop new approaches for analysis of malaria transmission networks based on genome variation and population genetic data, which he is now applying to his field research in Kenya on heterogeneity of malaria transmission.

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