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Dr Chris Spencer


Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow   


The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, UK

Chris is a statistical geneticist with a broad range of interests from population genetics to association analysis of clinical phenotypes. He is based at the University of Oxford, where he leads a group that is using large-scale human genetic data to improve prediction, prevention and treatment of disease. In collaboration with data-sharing networks, namely MalariaGEN and STOP-HCV, they are using genetics as a tool to investigate the underlying biology of infectious diseases and to identify genetic markers that correlate with clinical outcomes. A main focus of their current work with MalariaGEN is the study of African populations and susceptibility to malaria. With the STOP-HCV consortium, Chris and his team are using genetics to improve health and healthcare via stratified medicine, currently in the context of hepatitis C infection.

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