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WT Advanced Course on Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria (Bangkok, Thailand)

13-18 January 2013

An in-depth course to provide and enhance skills required to undertake genomic eipemiolgy of malaria.

  • Sequence Data - how to generate and handle Sequence Data including file formats etc; assemblies vs alignments; tools and genome browsers; concept of going from short reads to genotypes.
  • Population genetics - the principles and applications, how genome scale variation data are used to ask questions about genetics at the population level.
  • Genotype-phenotype association - GWAS; using humans as a model and considerations for application to Plasmodium; other study designs ie linkage, QTLs etc; whole genome vs candidate gene analysis.
  • Genotyping - Defining, discovering and validating variants from short read data; considering heterozygosity, mixed infections; considerations for looking a whole genome vs candidate genes.